Focus on Ferals

A  voice for Stray, Feral & Abandoned Cats and Kittens, who can’t speak for themselves!!

Malone, NY 12953

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 Who We Are......

Focus on Ferals  is a non-profit, animal welfare organization located in Malone, NY, minutes from the Canadian Border.  The group was founded in 2011 by a group of volunteers who were concerned about solving the overpopulation and  suffering of feral cats and kittens in their communities.  Focus on Ferals  believes in humanely reducing the number of feral, stray, unwanted, and abandoned cats  in the area, through  "TNR" (trap-neuter-return), public awareness, and when possible, cats and kittens are adopted to loving homes. Focus on Ferals believes that these valuable animals deserve humane treatment and care as all cats do. Our volunteers include a group of community people who have opened their hearts and given their time to improve the quality of life of these animals forgotten by so many.






We  do not have room in our current Foster Homes for any additional kittens or cats, at this time.  Please contact one of the Shelters we have listed on our site.  If you would like to become a Foster "parent", please let us know.  Thank you.



Note:  The $25 Promotion is for SELECT Focus on Feral cats.  NOT ALL..

"Save a Life One at a Time"

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